Bluebird Meadows Farm
Larry and Emilie Dasch
8591 Blount Road
Hillsdale, MI   49242

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Bluebird Meadows Farm is located on 360 acres in Hillsdale County in south-central Michigan.   We started with 4 lambs “to mow the grass,” and we now have a flock of 125 ewes, primarily Dorsets, Shetlands, and a cross of Dorset ewes with Shetland rams. The offspring are extremely hardy and self-sufficient lambs and do extremely well on our rotationally grazed, 100% pasture system.    

In addition to pasture raised lambs, we sell alfalfa/grass hay, both round and square bales, sell eggs from our pastured flock of free range hens and raise pastured broilers.  From the garden we sell vegetables, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries as well as honey from our own bees. 

Bluebird Meadows Farm has developed alongside Bluebird Trails Bed & Breakfast our second farmhouse, which we have run as a Bed & Breakfast for the past 14 years.  This has given hundreds of families the opportunity to experience farm life for themselves in a private cottage on our land.