Pasture Raised Lamb:

We alternate haymaking with grazings, giving a grazing no more that twice per year to any particular paddock.  We rotate pastures every 1-5 days, never grazing to less than 3 inches in height, minimizing parasite exposure.  Our pastures are all renovated with grasses and legumes, giving maximal nutrition of both the carbohydrates in the grasses and the protein in the legumes, as well as abundant vitamin content. 

Our lambs stay with their mothers, drinking rich sheep milk along with the fresh pasture up until the age of 6 months.  This highly nutritious program enables a steady rate of growth, while still maintaining the high omega-3 fatty acid benefits of grass-fed animals.  These lambs never see a feed lot, though in the winter we do feed our own hay to them while they stay in the pastures.