Lambs may vary in age from 3 months to 12 months, with live weights being between 60 and 125 pounds. Hanging weights are about half that. Cost is $4.00 per pound hanging weight paid to Bluebird Meadows Farm plus processing fees of $100 per lamb payable to Hillsdale County Meats. Cut weight is generally less than hanging weight because some cuts are boneless. There is a seasonal special on lamb for $3.50 per pound hanging weight through December 2013.

Premium young lambs, of age 2-3 months are available in March and July. These lambs weigh an average of 40 pounds live, giving a hanging weight of approximately 20 pounds, and sell for a premium price of $5 per pound hanging weight. Processing on these also costs $100. These are exceptionally tasty, tender lambs and usually in demand for Easter or Passover.

You will have the opportunity to custom order how your lamb is prepared (example: soup bones and stew meat versus more ground lamb or lamb chops versus rack of lamb, leg of lamb whole or boneless). You will be able to customize your cuts including thickness of chops, number of chops per package, size of roasts, package size of ground lamb, and much more.

To have your lamb custom processed, it must be ordered generally 1 month in advance to allow for time for scheduling of processing. You may request a particular size of lamb, and I will let you know when that size will be available.

Monthly deliveries to Ann Arbor!

We generally maintain a stock of retail cuts of lamb with prices as follows:
Loin Chops - $16.00 lb.
Ground - $9.00 lb.
Rack Lamb - $16.00 lb.
Leg Shanks - $6.00 lb.
Rib Chops - $16.00 lb.
Liver/ Heart/ Kidney/ - $3.00 lb
Sirloin Chops - $13.00 lb.
Shoulder Steaks - $10,00 lb.
Boneless Leg - $10.00 lb.
Bone-in Leg- $9.00 lb
Shoulder Roast - $8.00 lb.
Kabob/Stew - $9.00 lb.

These cuts are frozen, and can be combined in any way depending upon availability.

Prices subject to change without notice.

You can pay your deposit for a whole lamb via a PayPal secure payment. Shipping of frozen meat is available; please call or use our Contact Us Form for pricing.

Deposit: $25 per lamb.